Frequently Asked Questions
Why Choose Sunset Screens?

Sunset Screen's ultimate goal is complete customer satisfaction. The StowAway Retractable Screens are crafted from the finest materials and assembled by hand with care. Seasoned professionals, experienced in every aspect of installation, custom-fit the screens to your home. We deliver superior customer satisfaction by continually meeting your needs and expectations. Sunset Screens believes their customers deserve the very best.


Do you offer Custom Colors?

​Besides StowAway's 12 standard Powder Coated colors, we also offer 3 real wood veneer options to choose from... Oak, Pine and Mahogany These veneers can be stained or painted to do an exact custom match to your existing doors. Not enough... We can also special order RAL color choices to give you that perfect custom match. These special order colors are based on current trends and match most major door, window, and paint companies popular colors. 


What is the warranty?

​StowAway offers a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser, excluding the mesh material.   Don't worry... the mesh can be replaced by giving us a call.  Warranty information will also be given to you at the time of installation.


Can the screens be locked?

In most cases the StowAway Retractable  Screen can be locked.  However, our screens are not designed for security, they are designed to keep fresh air flowing into your home while keeping the bugs out.   


Are there different types of screen material?

​ Yes.  

Standard - (Strong, stiffened fiberglass mesh.)

Noseeum - (Extra-fine mesh provides protection from smaller insects called no-see-ums.)

Solar - (Blocks additional sun's rays from standard mesh.)

Pet - (Heavy-duty screen resists damage caused by pets.)

Contact us for an estimate and we will bring samples to your home / office.


​What sizes of openings will the screens cover?

The StowAway™ retractable screen system is designed to cover any opening up to 9 feet in height and 4 feet wide (for a single entry unit). French doors are covered with two units, one unit on the left and one unit installed on the right jamb that retract and meet in the middle.

Panorama™ retractable screens can cover large openings up to 11 feet in height and 20 feet wide.

Also designed for large openings, PanoramaLite™ retractable screens can fit openings up to 9 feet high and 11 feet wide.


Is there any maintenance required?

The maintenance is very minimal.  phantom style screens should be retracted into the protective storage housing when not in use to help keep screens free from damage and dirt.  Also, the bottom track should be kept free from dirt and debris and periodically  lubricated with the provided greaseless silicone spray. 


What if I have pets?

StowAway Retractable  Screens are intended to provide reasonable insect control. They are not intended to provide the retention and / or security of objects, animals or persons inside or outside your dwelling.  The phantom screen design will diminish the  possibility of damage to your screen due to accidental impact with the mesh.   Our experience is that in most cases, your pets will understand that a screen is in place and will not attempt to go through.  If your pet does damage the screen mesh, it can be replaced and your StowAway Retractable Screen will be like new again.


Can I install the screen myself?

Due to the custom nature of our product and to manufacturer warranty guidelines every StowAway product must be installed by a factory trained technician.


How soon can I get my screen installed?

Sunset Screens can get most door screens installed within a week of purchase.   If your screen is a specification that we do not have in stock, a standard screen can be ordered and installed in approx. 3 weeks.  Custom Colors and Wood Grain applications can take approximately 4 weeks.  During our estimate process, we can give you a better idea of the time frame and set up an installation date in advance.


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